CS 424 - Project 2

Group 10
Amer Samad | Alejandro Velazquez | Konard Biegaj | Omar Al-Khatib | Jake Arcivar


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Data Used

Week 1

Since we were assigned to this group on Feb. 21, 2018, we were not able to do much this (first) week.

Amer Samad: I have separated out data for each O'Hare and Midway airports. I'm trying to replace the carrier abreviations with names like "American","Virgin" etc.

Week 2

Amer Samad: I worked on 2 parts inside the 'C' section of the project; namely tables and charts for departures and arrivals for O'Hare and Midway and total number of departures and arrivals for each day across that month.

Jake Arcivar: I have subsetted the data into arrivals and departures for each hour of the day that way we can start getting the number of arrivals and departures for each hour of the day.

Konrad Biegaj: I have moved the military time data to standard AM/PM. With the AM/PM data I finished part 2 of the "C" part by showing the data in a table as well as a bar graph for O'Hare and Midway.

Alejandro Velazquez: Impemented tables and charts for the 15 most common destination/arrival airports, and tables and charts for the number of delays.

Omar Al-Khatib: Converted the .csv files from every month to .txt (Tab Deliminated) files

Jake Arcivar: Added a text input box and action button in the tabs area for user to input a month and then after pressing the button loads our tables and charts for that given month allowing user to look at data for each month

Omar Al-Khatib: Added 12 month comparison chart for the departures/arrivals for the different airlines and made the month input box useable with 3 letters instead of only full words

Omar Al-Khatib: Made the program run a bit faster by reducing calls to read.table

Jake Arcivar: Added a tab for getting information for a specific date, once clicking the tab user inputs date and hits a button to load two tables one on each tab containing the number of arrivals and departures seperated by hour of the day and the total number of delays seperated by hours of the day respectivly

Alejandro Velazquez: Replaced airport codes with airport names and added 12/24 hour times. Attempted to add radio buttons to allow selection of hour format.

CS424 | Project II | Spring 2018 from Konrad Komrade on Vimeo.